Incredible Silver Wedding Heels

Choosing comfortable shoes will make any bride relaxed and look fabulous. The type of shoe to choose from solely depends on what type of wedding gown is going to be worn. Few considerations on the best shoe to look out for are listed below.

Silver Stilettos

For many years stilettos have been one of the best  high heels shoes that goes with any outfit. The mere appearance of the silver stilettos is just captivating. Additional detailing of sparkles to the already gorgeous heels will make you dazzle as you walk. The amazing thing about these shoes is that they go pretty well with all white wedding dresses. With the silver stilettos you will surely maintain your incredible posture and they are comfortable enough to give your feet amazing feeling that your toes will not feel squashed together as you walk.

Sparkly high heels

Everyone knows that high heels are easy to walk around in if you are used to it High heels can make anybody look very sophisticated and stylish. Being the very first choice of most brides the sparkly high heels are just incredible. Wearing the crystal encrusted high heel pepped toe that shows off bit of pedicure toes is what will make your feet look super fancy. A shoe that has dazzling crystals on top of the clear mesh and an opening on the inner side of both feet will make the bride feel comfortable putting them on and walking in them.

The Bedazzle Slipper

Simplicity in a wedding shoe can also do the trick with some few detailing here and there. Brides who are not into sky-high dazzling heels can go for the simple mid heel. The tiny crystals on top of a shoe will make it have a perfect look. For brides who prefer not to accessorize too much can definitely go for this look. It is simple and easy to pull it off.

The Silver Glittering Heels

Another state of the art shoe that will definitely attract attention is the silver glittering high heels. The appearance of the heel is just remarkable with the additional glittering on top of the already stunning silver. The heel won’t of course be complete  without the encrusted crystal butterfly on top of it click for source which just gives it an extra stunning look. The number one priority of heels is being comfortable in them. With this shoe be sure of a comfy and elegant look as you dance the night away at the reception. Some of other silver shoes that can be worn on weddings are:

 The Scarlett

The Calista


 Angela Diamante

Whatever the color of the shoe, choose one that will make you feel comfortable and fabulous. Above all it is your big day so make it memorable by looking incredible.

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