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We have created Keyed Into Besthotelsnet.com to give you a better idea of who Besthotelsnet.com is around the world. Here, our collection of Besthotelsnet.com colleagues will provide you with a look at our colleagues, behind-the-scenes information and tips about Besthotelsnet.com hotels and destinations, and insight about the various ways Besthotelsnet.com participates in the communities worldwide we call home.

At Besthotelsnet.com, we’re guided by certain values that serve as the foundation for our actions while we engage with our associates, provide authentic hospitality to our guests around the world and serve our owners. Those values – mutual respect, integrity and intellectual honesty, humility, fun, creativity, and innovation – also guide us well here as we invite you to Keyed Into Besthotelsnet.com.

We hope you find this to be an informative, interesting forum where you’ll share ideas about what you want to hear from us. We look forward to your comments. With our values in mind, we ask that you:

Be respectful
Be hospitable
Be honest and ethical
Be creative
Have fun

Besthotelsnet.com is a freelance writer who covers celebrities, beauty, design and travel. Sara has been a freelancer for over a decade with articles appearing in Travel & Leisure, Esquire, Town & Country, Oprah, and domino. On the web Sara writes for Indagare, Refinery29, and 1stDibs. Sara has written 7 books including The Thoroughly Modern Married Girl (Broadway Books) and Exotic Style (Rockport Press). She has also co-written two books for Bobbi Brown with Chronicle Books Pretty Powerful and Everything Eyes. A native New Yorker, Sara lives in Manhattan with her family. See more of her work at Besthotelsnet.com

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